How do I apply to rent an apartment?

If you’re looking to rent an apartment, you have come to the right place! One of our leasing agents would love to talk to you about our available apartments that are available. Our website has information about the properties we own and manage. You can get the process started by clicking here and completing an application. Then give us a call or send us an email to schedule an appointment for a showing. You can bring your completed application with you to the showing or we’ll have a blank one ready for you to fill out when you select your new apartment.

Our application process usually takes approximately three business days (longer if you have recently lived out of state) and costs $40 per person. All adults who will be staying at the apartment will need to complete an application. You can pay the application fee with a credit or debit card, cash or a money order. (Sorry, no personal checks until you have moved in.) Please click here to review our rental requirements.

In addition to your completed application, we’ll need a copy of two recent pay stubs, receipt of direct deposits, or documentation of any other type of income and we’ll make a copy of a government issued photo I.D.


Can I rent an apartment if I don’t meet the income requirement?

Our income requirements are firm for our renters. But if you have someone who meets our requirements who will co-sign your lease with you, we may be able to approve your application.


How do I know if my rental application is approved?

We’ll give you a call as soon as we are finished processing your application. Usually, we are able to get back to you in three business days. However, if you have recently lived out of state, the process may take longer. If you don’t provide proof of your income, your application may be approved “subject to proof of income”, meaning we have to wait to proceed with your plans to move until you provide the documentation we require.


How can I make sure that the apartment I fell in love with is held for me?

We understand that the rental market is tight, and that once you’ve selected the apartment that suits you best, you want to make sure that’s the apartment you end up renting. When you turn in your application, simply let us know that you would like to put a partial deposit down on the apartment. Once we receive a partial deposit, we take the apartment off the market. We stop showing it to other prospective renters and we won’t take any more applications for it. As long as your application is approved, we’re going to save that apartment for you. Typically, a full deposit is equal to one month’s rent and the partial deposit is $250. If your application is denied, we will refund your partial deposit. Please be aware that as long as your application is approved, the $250 is applied toward your full deposit. Since we’re taking the unit off the market, a partial deposit is not refundable if you change your mind about moving in.


How do I schedule my lease signing?

We will contact you as your move-in day approaches and make a specific appointment for you to come to our office and sign your lease, pay the remainder of your deposit, your first month’s rent, any pet fees and pick up your keys. Feel free to call us at any time 612-872-4444 if you have questions about your lease signing or move.


Which utilities should I contact before I move in?

Please make sure that you contact Xcel Energy to set up your electrical service account before you move in. (You will also want to contact them on the day you move out, to take the account out of your name.)

If the apartment that you select requires for you to pay a portion of the heat and water, there’s no need to contact the utility provider since the bill for your share of the utility will come directly from The Apartment Shop.

There are a small number of units where the residents pay for their own natural gas for cooking or heat and the individual apartments are metered separately. If you select one of these apartments, you will need to set up an account with Centerpoint Energy.

It’s a good idea to contact other utilizes, such as an internet provider, cable TV provider, or telephone company if you are going to need these services. A list of links is provided to the right.


How long is a lease for?

Our standard lease is 12 months and all of our rents are quoted for a full 12-month lease. If you need the flexibility of a shorter lease, there is an increase in monthly rent charged. A 9-month lease is an additional $25 per month, a 6-month lease is an additional $50 per month, and a 3-month lease is an additional $75 per month. If you desire a month-to-month lease, the rent is increased $100 per month.


What is pro-rated rent?

The balance of your deposit and a full month’s rent is always due at move-in. Pro-rated rent is applied to the mid-month move-ins and this pro-rated rent will be due on the first day of the first full month of occupancy.


How can I pay for my move-in?

When you move in, please plan on paying your deposit, rent, and any pet fees using a credit/debit card, a money order or cashier’s check, or cash. Once you are a current resident, we gladly accept personal checks, money orders, cashier’s checks or ACH direct bank transfer.


Hey, I love renting from you guys, but I’m looking for a different apartment. Can I transfer?

Maybe you want to rent a larger unit? Maybe a roommate is joining you and you’re interested in a two bedroom? If you have lived at your apartment for a minimum of 6 months, your account is in good standing and we get the “A-OK” from the manager, we can schedule an appointment with our leasing agent for you to check out our availability. Give us a call to see if we have a different apartment that you may want to transfer to.


How do I let management know that I am moving?

Parting is such sweet sorrow! If you intend to move at the end of your lease, you will need to give a minimum of 55 days notice, in writing, to The Apartment Shop. You can mail us your notice to vacate or stop by our office and simply fill out an Intent to Vacate form. Please know that all leases end at noon on the last day of the month.


How much notice do I need to give?

Most of our leases require a minimum of 55 days notice to vacate at the end of your lease. Again, this needs notice to be in writing.


What do I need to do before I move?

After giving notice to vacate, please expect that our leasing agents will be showing your apartment. We will give you a call the day before a showing so that you have a heads up. We appreciate your cooperation.

When you're moving, please remove all furniture and belongings from the apartment. (We don't want for you to leave anything behind. Getting rid of furniture left behind is expensive and we'd have to charge you for the service.) The apartment should be thoroughly cleaned. The refrigerator should be empty and cleaned on the inside and outside. The oven and stove usually require the use of oven cleaner; be sure to clean under the stove top. Cabinets should be washed inside and outside. In the bathroom, the tile walls and floors should be cleaned in addition to any glass shower doors, medicine cabinet, toilet and sink. The tub usually needs to be scrubbed with a tub cleaner. Please sweep the floors and vacuum/shampoo carpets.

Please return your keys and parking permit (if applicable), along with your forwarding address to our office by noon on your scheduled move-out day.



Where do I turn in my keys?

Please return your keys to The Apartment Shop office after you have cleaned and vacated your apartment. We require that you return your keys no later than noon on the last day of the month. If you drop your keys off in our drop box after business hours before the last day of the month, please make sure the keys are in a sealed envelope with the apartment address and unit clearly marked on the envelope. Don’t forget to provide us with a forwarding address when you drop off your keys.


How is my security deposit returned?

Security deposits are processed and a statement of disposition and refund is mailed to your forwarding address by the 21st of the month following the month you vacated.


When is rent due?

Rent is due on the first day of the month. You can mail it to our office or stop by and drop it off. Please note that you will not receive a “rent bill.” Your lease simply states that rent is due on the first day of each month.


How can I pay my rent?

Once you are a current resident, we accept personal checks, money orders, cashier’s checks or ACH direct bank transfer.


What is the late fee?

Late fees differ based on your rent level. Your late fee charge is listed on the front page of your lease. While rent is due on the first day of each month, we do offer a five-day grace period to allow for holidays and weekends, but a late fee will be charged on your account if balances haven’t been paid by midnight on the fifth of each month.


What is a RUBS bill?

A RUBS bill is a utility bill that residents receive from The Apartment Shop if their apartments do not have the gas, water and sewer included in the rent. It’s a portion of the actual utility used at the property, divided among residents based on square footage for gas and number of units for water and sewer. When you receive a RUBS bill, you can make a payment right away, or add the amount due to your next rent payment.


What pets are allowed?

Basically, we allow a cat at most of our buildings and a dog or cat at our properties with hardwood floors. Sorry, there are a few breeds of dogs that we do not allow: German Shepard, Chow, Pit Bull, Doberman, and any mixed breed that contains one of these breeds. If you have a pet, please let our leasing agent know when you are scheduling your showings so that we can show you apartments where your pet will be allowed.


What is the pet policy?

Please click here to read our pet policy


If I am a current resident and I want to get a dog or cat, whom do I call?

If you rent from us right now and are looking to add a pet to your family, please call our office before you get your pet and speak to the property manager. You’ll want to verify that a pet is allowed and make sure you read our pet policy before falling in love with a new critter.


How do I place a maintenance request?

If there is a need for some maintenance work to be done in your apartment, please call our office 612-872-4444 and request a maintenance work order. Once we receive the maintenance request, it gets entered into our system and then distributed to the appropriate maintenance tech, often in the next 24-48 hours.

When you request maintenance in your apartment, we are going to assume that you are now giving us permission to enter and make the requested repair. If you have specific instructions regarding when you would like for us to arrive, please let us know when you make the request. All maintenance requests are important to us and we do our best to respond as quickly as we can. Sometimes, if you ask for certain days or times for maintenance techs to arrive, it can delay their response.

If our office is closed and you receive voicemail when you call, you can go ahead and leave your maintenance request on our answering system. We will enter the work order as soon as we reopen the next business day.


What is a maintenance emergency? Who do I call?

The following items are considered a maintenance emergency and we ask that you call our office right away to report these issues.

Fire - please call 911 from a safe location, then The Apartment Shop

Carbon Monoxide Sensor going off - move to fresh air before calling

Gas Leak

Major Water Leak

No Heat

Clogged Plumbing

Refrigerator Not Working

Lock Out - lost keys, etc.

If our office is closed and you are experiencing a maintenance emergency, please call our emergency maintenance phone 612-363-8170. Please do not call our emergency maintenance phone with non-emergency items or during regular business hours.


Yikes, I saw a pest. What are the procedures to prepare for exterminations?

We take pest control very seriously. Please report any pest sightings ASAP so we can respond promptly. If an extermination is required, we will provide you with a list of preparation items.






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